Turn on your PSP, plug it into your PC with a USB cable, and activate the USB connection by scrolling to the and#34Settingsand#34 menu on your PSP and selecting and#34USB Connection. and#3.

Make sure your PC is connected to the internet and launch Sony Media Go for PSP. If this is the first time youand#39ve started up Media Go, it will run through the setup process and then take you to the PlayStation Store.

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If you have run Media Go before, launch it, click on the PlayStation store icon to go to the store. Navigate the store by clicking on the categories until you find a game, demo, video or other content you wish to download. Click the and#34downloadand#34 button. If you have not used the PlayStation Store for PC before, you will need to log in or create an account.

(See Tip ) If you have used the Store before, youand#39ll still need to log in. Once logged in, youand# ) Your selected item(s) will then download to your PSP. When your download is complete, disconnect your PSP and navigate to the new content.

Enjoy! Tips If you already have a PlayStation Network account set up on your PS3 or quite come up with endless no fee psn codes almost any weekend psp codes for playstation store the way to liberate psn codes and even cards so now with the snappy PSP, use the same login info when accessing the PlayStation Store for PC otherwise, follow the instructions to create a new account.

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When you click and#34downloadand#34 on an item, you can choose to download it immediately, or add it to your cart so that you can select multiple items and then download them all in one go. When you click to download an item you may be prompted to download an updated version of the PlayStation Network Downloader. Download that and then restart your PC and relaunch Media Go again and click on the PS Store icon to return to the store. Find your download and click and#34downloadand#34 (again!).

You cannot view PlayStation Store content on your PC. It can only be used on your PSP. You cannot download PlayStation Store items only to your PC.

You must have a PSP connected to your PC, with a memory stick in the PSP that has enough free space for your download. What You Need a PSP (any model) a memory stick with sufficient memory for your downloads a USB cable (standard connection on one end and Mini-B on the other) an internet connectio.

a PC (not a Mac) The PlayStation Store’s 10th anniversary sale returns for round two of deals Sony Interactive Entertainment The PlayStation Store launched 10 years ago this month, and PlayStation owners are continuing to reap the benefits with another weeklong sale. Following last week’s set of deals, another round of classic games from the past 10 years and beyond are discounted.

Prices are good through Nov. m. PT, with PlayStation Plus members maximizing the savings with up to 70 percent off.

Below are some of our highlights, with PlayStation Plus prices listed. Gravity Rush ($14. 99, 50 percent off) The PlayStation ) God of War 3 Remastered ($7. 99, 60 percent off) There’s another God of War in the works. but it will be some time until we get to play it. In the meantime, dip into the PS4 re-release of Kratos’ 2010 PS3 adventure. Destiny The Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition ($19. 59, 51 percent off)

In case you have yet to dive into Destiny.

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